Virtual mobility

Europe and the Erasmus+ programme have noted that physical mobility is not as inclusive as it would like. Well before the financial aspects, the main obstacles to mobility are socio-cultural. In order to overcome such apprehensions and allow the greatest number of students to benefit from this opening up to Europe, it is planned to develop virtual mobility, i.e. to develop distance learning in an international context.

In this context, SEA-EU is developing pilot programmes of online teaching collaborations.

1/ Bilateral classrooms

The idea is to put lecturers from the same field of study in tw partner universities in contact with each other so that, during the academic year, they can carry out an international teaching collaboration.

In 2020, we published a call and received 50 proposals from lecturers in the SEA-EU partner universities and organized the maching with partner universities for at least 40 lessons. The second round of identification of motivated teachers (call open from January 2021 until the end of March 2021) allow the collect of more than 100 proposals that lead to new maching with partner universities and thus virtual mobility for 800 students.

In 2021-22 we will accept teacher applications on a rolling basis. If you are a SEA-EU teacher interested by this initiative, you can have a look to the main documentation, to the template for application, to testimonials from already involved teachers and/or contact your SEA-EU office for having more details on the procedure.

2/ Collaborative student project

The idea here is to identify teachers willing to supervise small international groups of students (3 to 5 people) to be constituted to explore a topic (“the beach”, “maritime transport”, “European identity” …) and share international points of view. Students will write a small report (15 pages) and defend it in front of a jury.

If you are a SEA-EU teacher interested by one or the other initiative, please contact your SEA-EU office:

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