Volunteering opportunities at UBO

The SEA-EU alliance is valuating volunteering as a great mean to favor the exchange of values, personal development and better mutual understanding and intercultural awareness of citizens with different backgrounds.

In this line, UBO is opening two 8-months volunteering opportunities to foster interculturality and European identity among the students community.

In both cases, be an ambassador of your country and gain a great intercultural experience!

These two opportunities are supported through the European Solidarity Corps.

Hosting conditions accordingly: travel costs, insurance and local transportation covered, accommodation in student’s residence, language courses and a 400€ monthly allowance.

Full description of the opportunity can be found HERE

Please apply using this form: https://sondage.univ-brest.fr/limesurvey/index.php/658553?lang=en

Contact Gwenaelle.goyat@univ-brest.fr for any information