Joint Programs Working Group (JPWG) meetings at the University of Algarve

The University of Algarve organized and hosted the SEA-EU Joint Programs Working Group (JPWG) meetings on the 7th and 8th of March. More than 20 representatives from 9 SEA-EU Alliance universities participated in person and online.

On the first day, Professor Patricia Pinto, the Pro-Rector of the SEA-EU Alliance, delivered a warm welcome speech. Then, Lola Perea Barbera, from the University of Cadiz, presented a comprehensive report on JPWG Expert subgroups, covering topics such as the Joint Program Glossary, student mobilities, English proficiency certification, internships, industry relationships and evaluation process, and Quality Assurance. Representatives actively shared ideas regarding the raised topics. Also, the representatives shared their ideas on the different ways of dissemination of the Joint Programs across the external universities and partners of the SEA-EU Alliance.

During the same day, Professor Laura Howard, from the University of Cadiz, discussed the Joint Diploma Awarding (EDLab Project) as a European degree label, highlighting experiences in fostering cooperation in European higher education. Delegates from nine universities provided valuable insights and comments on the challenges associated with Joint Program degree labels based on varying university and country regulations.

The second day focused on two crucial subjects: Fees and funding, and the Common Platform for SEA-EU Joint Programs. Delphine Dall, from the University of Brest, shared insights and experiences from the Turquoooise project to assist JPWG in determining the financial framework. Finally, Adriano Pires, from the University of Algarve, concluded the meeting by presenting information on the Common Platform and Digital Identity of JPWG.