Your Path to Global Education

The mobility of our students and staff is one of the main pillars of the Alliance. We want to facilitate mobility without barriers, without borders, to learn from others professionally, educationally and personally. That is why we offer numerous mobility opportunities for everyone.

Discover here the types of mobility, search for your perfect opportunity in the OPPORTUNITIES BROWSER and consult with the mobility area of your university to find out more.

SEA-EU mobilities are managed at each university by the local mobilities department, they will inform you about financing options.

Student Mobilities: Your Path to Global Education

Explore SEA-EU’s Student Mobility programs – your passport to an enriching global education experience. We are dedicated to empowering students to discover new horizons, cultures, and knowledge. Our programs, including Erasmus mobilities, provide opportunities for students to broaden their academic and personal horizons. Join us in this exciting journey of learning, cultural exchange, and personal growth as we unite diverse European perspectives to shape the future. At SEA-EU, we believe in empowering students to become global citizens, and we’re excited to be a part of your educational adventure.

Staff Mobility: Empowering Excellence

Discover the opportunities for Staff Mobility within SEA-EU. We are committed to fostering academic excellence through international collaboration and knowledge exchange. Our programs, including Erasmus mobilities and other initiatives, are designed to empower staff from our nine universities to share expertise and experiences with colleagues across Europe. Join us in this exciting journey of professional development, cross-cultural learning, and collaborative enrichment. At SEA-EU, we believe in the transformative power of staff mobility in creating a stronger, more unified academic community. Be part of this journey as we connect educators and professionals to shape the future of higher education together.

BIP (Blended Intensive Programmes)

Blended Intensive Programmes (BIPs) is a new format of Erasmus+ mobility. Every BIP combines online teaching with a short period of physical mobility, where you can spend one week days at another university with peers from across the SEA-EU Alliance


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