Mobility of persons in the European area is an essential facilitating factor for a deep integration of people around European values. SEA-EU ambition is not to simply enhance individuals’ mobility but to bring the establishments, as a whole, on a new European move.

With this aim, staff must be considered as an underused leverage tool of the European mobility project and so taken as a starting focus of our SEA-EU mobility project.

Student mobility will obviously stay a priority thanks to the different tools already existing in the Erasmus program (mainly KA103 action) that will be reinforced across the SEA-EU alliance and with dedicated communication activities.

Together, student and staff’s mobility are a key factor of the European university success.

Before the start of the project, we realised a survey on motivations and barriers to mobility. Here are the results of the survey for:

Since, an inter-institutional KA103 agreement has been signed among the 6 universities, enabling multilateral mobilities.