Language Courses

Language Courses

Dive into the multilingual world of SEA-EU, where over 90% of students bring English skills, and nearly half are familiar with Spanish, French, and German. While Polish and Croatian expand our linguistic horizon, we’re enhancing language learning opportunities across the alliance. With courses in national languages and specialized programs, we’re committed to broadening linguistic competencies, embracing Croatian, French, German, Maltese, Polish, Spanish, and English, enriching our community’s global communication and cultural understanding.


What are the benefits of participating in our SEA-EU Virtual Tandem Language Exchange?

  • You can improve your speaking and listening skills hands-on.
  • You have access to native speakers from across the SEA-EU Alliance.
  • You get to define what you want to learn, when and how … flexibly.
  • You have the option of meeting your partner virtually as well as physically, depending on your location.
  • You can get to make friends and learn about a new culture.


And most importantly: Just have fun!

Virtual Language Courses

The SEA-EU Virtual Language Courses is an activity based on the principle of reciprocity: On this virtual language platform, we list courses offered by each SEA-EU partner university to participants from other partner universities.

We strengthen our alliance by coordinating and maintaining an up-to-date list of language courses. Thereby, SEA-EU students and staff can obtain centrally all the information needed for enrollment into these online courses. The platform/list is updated regularly as new courses become available.

Conditions of enrollment

  • The course offers are meant for SEA-EU Alliance Universities’ students and staff: Registration is only considered if made with a valid institutional email address.
  • No ECTS credits will be awarded.
  • A certificate of participation will be issued, upon attendance to >75% of the course.
  • An evaluation of the course by participants is appreciated at the end.
  • Registration is binding.
  • No guaranteed spots.


We strongly encourage participants to self-assess their current language skills and check the course content description and/or learning outcomes of each course prior to registration.

New Courses

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Specific English Conversation Course with a Lexical Focus on the University Environment (Students)

  • Duration: 50 hours
  • Capacity: 20 participants
September 17 – November 21, 2024

Specific English Conversation Course with a Lexical Focus on the University Environment (staff)

  • Duration: 50 hours
  • Capacity: 20 participants
September 16 – November 20, 2024

Intensive Beginner Spanish Course

  • Duration: 20 hours
  • Audience: Staff and students
  • Capacity: 20 participants
September 16 – November 20, 2024

French at A1.2 Level

15 April – 27 May 2024
Level: A1.2

Learning outcomes:

  1. Introducing yourself, spelling name and contact details, your studies
  2. Numbers 0-1000, including phone numbers
  3. Understanding a timetable: days of the week, times, classes
  4. Finding your way around town, understanding and giving directions
  5. Describing the landscape / your environment
  6. Sports and leisure activities
  7. Talking about food, likes and dislikes


French at A1.1 Level

12 February – 27 March 2024
Level: A1.1

Course name: English for International Communication

8 May 2024 – 26 June 2024
Level: B1

Target group: SEA-EU administrative staff

Prerequisites: B1 level in English

Course offered by: Foreign Languages Centre, University of Gdańsk

Course teacher: Beata Pawłowska, MA

Contact person/ Information:

Detailed description: Virtual English Language Courses from UG English for International Communication


Start-End Date/ Time8 May 2024 – 26 June 2024

  • 08.05  15.00-17.00  120 min
  • 15.05  15.00-16.30  120 min
  • 22.05  15.00-17.00  120 min
  • 29.05  15.00-17.00  120 min
  • 05.06  15.00-17.00  120 min
  • 12.06  15.00-16.30  120 min
  • 19.06  15.00-16.30   90 min
  • 26.06  15.00-16.30   90 min


Course Content:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • understand a wide range of spoken and written materials in English in diverse social contexts.
  • employ a wide range of vocabulary in order to communicate their ideas more effectively
  • successfully engage in conversations in English, i.e. participate in discussions, meetings, networking events, etc.
  • express themselves more clearly in written English, including writing and responding to e-mails, producing memos and reports.
  • demonstrate cultural awareness in the workplace


Additional details:

  • Technical Requirements: Laptop/PC with a stable Internet connection, a camera and a microphone.
  • Lessons will be held via Microsoft Teams.
  • Total workload: 20 hours
  • Class size: 20 participants


To apply:

Register before 3 May 2024 at

Participants will be notified 3 days before the course and receive connection details 2-3 days before the start of the course.