SEA-EU Virtual

Tandem Language Exchange

… Lost for words?

The SEA-EU Virtual Tandem Language Exchange supports independent and flexible one-to-one language learning. In the international context of the SEA-EU alliance this virtual partnership (can also be physical) provides an opportunity to combine language improvement and an intercultural exchange with a native or near-native speaker to the mutual benefit of both partners.

In the roles of both learner and teacher the focus is on practising speaking skills.

The language tandem can facilitate a development in communication skills on its own or complement more formal language instruction.

Signing up on the SEA-EU Virtual Tandem Language Exchange will allow you the opportunity to find a committed learning partner suited to your personal language needs. A framework of guidelines is provided to engage in this self-responsible and fair learning experience based on reciprocity and respect. Open to students and staff of SEA-EU partner universities, the SEA-EU Virtual Tandem Language Exchange furthers multilingualism and learner autonomy throughout the Alliance.

What are the benefits of participating in our SEA-EU Virtual Tandem Language Exchange?

  • You can improve your speaking and listening skills hands-on.
  • You have access to native speakers from across the SEA-EU Alliance.
  • You get to define what you want to learn, when and how … flexibly.
  • You have the option of meeting your partner virtually as well as physically, depending on your location.
  • You can get to make friends and learn about a new culture.
  • And most importantly: Just have fun!

Conditions of enrolment:

  • All students and staff of the SEA-EU Alliance universities can apply. Registration is only considered if made with a valid institutional email address.
  • A language knowledge of at least B1 (CEFR) is required as a learner; as a teacher you are a native speaker or have C2 knowledge (CEFR).
  • To increase the chances of us finding you an appropriate tandem partner, please provide all information accurately during the application process.
  • Commitment to your tandem partner and to mutually agreed upon parameters enhances success.
  • Registration is binding and all formal requirements of the tandem procedure must be complied with.
  • A match with a suitable language tandem partner is not guaranteed.
  • No certificate is issued; no ECTS credits will be awarded.

We strongly encourage participants to self-assess their current language skills prior to application.

External Resources:

CEFR self-assessment grids by the Council of Europe

Online German self-assessment by the Goethe Institute

Online French self-assessment by rfi-Savoirs


First refer to our Application-FAQ document: