European Values

In SEA-EU, European Values aren’t just buzzwords; they’re one of our pillars. Imagine a place where inclusion is the norm. SEA-EU It’s about uniting for a cause, embracing every unique story, and standing together in the face of challenges, making a difference one bold, collective step at a time.


The SEA-EU playlist is a curated collection of songs that celebrate the rich cultural identity of Europe’s coastal regions. Each track embodies the unique heritage, rhythms, and stories of coastal communities across the continent. Hit play and immerse yourself in the melodies that unite us while you continue exploring the page, letting the music transport you to the vibrant shores and traditions of our diverse maritime landscapes.


We are committed to fostering an environment of inclusion and gender balance within our alliance. This page is dedicated to showcasing our ongoing efforts to create a space where every voice is heard, regardless of gender or background. Through a range of initiatives, workshops, and awareness campaigns, we strive to promote diversity and equality.

PODCAST “Diverse Voices”

The SEA-EU podcast, Diverse Voices, offers a compelling exploration of the values that shape the SEA-EU alliance. Each episode delves into how these principles are perceived, embraced, and enacted across our universities. Join us to hear diverse perspectives that illuminate the shared vision driving SEA-EU, bringing you closer to the collaborative spirit that defines our community.


SEA-EU stands in solidarity with Ukraine during this challenging time and has extended collaborative efforts to support the region


SEA-EU provides valuable volunteering opportunities through the European Solidarity Corps and SEA-EU-funded initiatives. Students can contribute to impactful projects that promote community development and cultural exchange. Stay informed through our Opportunities Browser and social media channels.


SEA-EU is dedicated to tackling climate change by reducing our carbon footprint through collaborative research, sustainable projects, and education. We unite to promote greener practices and responsible stewardship for a more sustainable future.