The SOCIETY HUB within the SEA-EU Alliance serves as an exclusive hub where experts dedicated to societal development through the third mission of universities converge. This distinctive space encapsulates all endeavors of SEA-EU partners committed to contributing to society through the avenues of education, research, and innovation.

Conceived as a centralized repository on the SEA-EU website, this section is designed to provide comprehensive information about Service Learning (SL) and other Society-oriented activities. Moreover, it aims to cultivate social awareness among students by offering materials tailored for various stakeholders. The platform also serves as a resource for sharing promotional materials, highlighting best practices, and disseminating news about upcoming events.


It is a place that gathers SEA-EU experts willing to develop within the collaboration of the universities with local NGOs and with local and regional social entrepreneurs and all the other partners from the local environment that refers to two SDG goals (SDL No. 4 and SDG N. 12). This leads to new strategic measures, comprehensive programs, and models of cooperation with society through the links established with associated partners in the sense of addressing present social challenges. This central place exists as the online platform and where ever possible it will have a physical spot at the partner universities.

The MISSION of the Society Hub is to present a transnational support in the development of the co-creating platform for all SEA-EU teachers and researchers, administrative staff, students, and external stakeholders willing to develop society-oriented activities. Society Hub is a place that creates education, shares knowledge and know-how, provides support, detects all the university resources and encourages transdisciplinary and challenge-based models of teaching at the highest level of internationalization.

The VISION of the Society Hub is to become a recognized international learning spot for society-oriented activities that change universities from the inside. The vision is to create the Hub that will be self-sustainable for the future through project funding, resistant to challenges from the environment and open to all stakeholders, oriented to the sustainable development of the universities.

Main key points for the SEA-EU Society Hub

  • Standing up to challenges
  • Challenge-based learning
  • Education, research and innovation at the highest level of the internationalization
  • Transdisciplinary models of learning for students
  • Transversal skills improvement 
  • Sustainable development of the society
  • Addressing the societal challenges
  • Students as Changemakers.

Proposal of actions:


To foster cross-border knowledge exchange and assemble teams encompassing diverse disciplines, knowledge bases, and backgrounds for the purpose of addressing societal challenges, it is imperative to formulate events that stimulate goal-setting. The initiative envisions an annual event hosted at a SEA-EU university focusing on one of the pivotal themes of the SEA-EU Society Hub.

Organized SEA-EU activities:

SEA-EU Service-Learning conference “Community-engaged University”, University of Split, Croatia, 20th May 2022.

STup! Competition held at the University of Split (Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism) on 30th June and 01st July 2023

SEA-EU Service-Learning conference “Higher Education in the Service of Society”, University of Cadiz, Spain, 24th and 25th April 2024



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