What’s SEA-EU?

The EU Innitiative

The European Universities alliances are a flagship initiative of the European strategy for universities. The initiative sets the ambition to expand to 60 European Universities alliances involving more than 500 higher education institutions by mid-2024.

The European University of the Seas

SEA-EU’s commitment to excellence and sustainability is clearly reflected in our mission statement, our declaration on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and a dedicated transparency page that displays our carbon footprint. These elements collectively showcase our dedication to creating a positive impact, both educationally and environmentally. Through these actions, SEA-EU demonstrates an unwavering commitment to not only advancing European higher education but also to promoting sustainable practices and transparency in our operations, aligning our efforts with global sustainability objectives.

The Project

The European Commission provides financial support for the SEA-EU Alliance under the project “SEA-EU For All,” which spans from 2023 to 2027. This funding framework is organized into a series of work packages and deliverables, meticulously designed to ensure the comprehensive development and implementation of the alliance’s objectives. Through this structured approach, “SEA-EU For All” aims to foster a cohesive and innovative educational ecosystem, leveraging the collective strengths and resources of its member universities to enhance European higher education and create impactful opportunities for all its stakeholders.