Turquoooise project wrap-up

As we bid farewell to 2023, and look ahead to the project wrapping up in January 2024, now is an ideal moment to think about the achievements of our joint master’s programme Turquooooise. Over the course of this 15-month journey, we encountered challenges and celebrated successes that shaped our collective experience. Let’s revisit these moments together!

For those unfamiliar with Turquoise, our mission is introduced in the following video:

Coordinated by the University of Malta in collaboration with the University of Western Brittany (France), University of Gdansk (Poland), University of Split (Croatia), University of NORD (Norway), and University of Cadiz (Spain), the Turquoise project has been a joint effort among six prestigious universities.


November 2022

Official Kick-Off Meeting

Academic and Admin teams from 6 universities of the consortium met in Brest, France for the official Kick-Off Meeting. 

The micro-credential structure, inspired by the French delicacy “croquembouche,” was introduced as a key element of the program. Just as individual pastries form a delicious pyramid, in the Turquoise Joint Degree, each student can select learning modules to craft their unique educational journey.


November 2022 – January 2024

We have had many online meetings

Working within an international, Europe-wide team naturally involved online collaboration. Most of our meetings took place virtually, allowing us to understand the situations at our respective universities and collaboratively develop a unified educational program endorsed by all six Turquoooise universities.


January 2023

Skills recognised on the market!

 Each project partner conducted one or more focus groups with stakeholders to identify the skills that will be truly appreciated on the labour market!

The programme aims to help transition and transform businesses into co-creators of change, reconnecting business with nature.



November 2022 – January 2024

Best in person!

Significant progress was made during intensive in-person meetings, providing a platform to address challenges and steer our collective efforts.

Malta, March 2023

Cadiz, Spain, June 2023

Kiel, Germany, September 2023

Split, Croatia, October 2023

Gdansk, Poland, December 2023


September 2023

EAIE Rotterdam

It was an exciting experience to be able to present our project to a wider audience! We did this at one of the largest conferences in Europe: EAIE Conference in Rotterdam.

Much interest was shown in this Master project from partners across the globe – as witnessed by the number of flyers brought back – ZERO!



December 2023 – January 2024

Closing Events

As all good things must come to an end, the universities in the consortium organised a series of events to inform and summarise the Turquoooise project. A robust foundation has been laid, and the Turquoooise project will evolve into a fully developed Joint Master’s Degree in Sustainable Management of Organizations in the coming years. Congratulations to all involved!


Brest, France

Split, Croatia

Gdansk, Poland

Cadiz, Spain

This article captures just a glimpse of our activities during these transformative 15 months. Let’s revisit the journey together and delve deeper into the Turquoooise project on our dedicated page!