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Welcome to SEA-EU. One of the pioneers in the European Commission’s European Universities initiative, an alliance of 9 coastal European universities; Cadiz, Western Brittany, Kiel, Gdansk, Split, Malta, Algarve, Naples and NORD, which since 2019 works to co-create, together with more than 75 stakeholders, the future of European Higher Education.

SEA-EU offers a long list of opportunities for our entire community. If you study, research or work at or with a SEA-EU university, you are also part of SEA-EU and can benefit from courses, mobilities, languages, resources, infrastructure and new joint degrees that will enhance your career and your life.

We are coastal, and even far from each other across Europe, we are united by the inclusive, flexible and adventurous character of the sea. Discover all that awaits you at the European University of the Seas.