Observatory of migration and human rights



The SEA-EU Observatory for Migration and Human Rights will hold its first Online Science Event on the 25th of May.

The SEA-EU Observatory for Migration of Human Rights is a multidisciplinary and international team addressing current challenges of EU governance and policy on migration matters and the changes in migrants right’s protection.

During their first online conference, Observatory members will develop their current research topics (see program)

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The ‘European University of the Seas’ (SEA-EU) Alliance was officially launched in October 2019, as part of the flagship ‘European University’ Initiative of the European Commission, to renew the vision of universities’ role as key leaders and shapers of the future of Europe.

The SEA-EU alliance brings together six partner universities: the University of Western Brittany (France) the University of Gdansk (Poland), the University of Malta, Kiel University (Germany) and the University of Split (Croatia). Beyond the university communities, SEA-EU brings together six maritime cities, six human communities sharing common features in terms of cultural heritage and societal perspectives, six multidisciplinary academic institutions of comparable size, six regions open to the sea that are bearers of innovation strategies in which the maritime fact and sustainability play an essential part.

SEA-EU universities are committed to contribute and improve inclusiveness within their curriculas, international opportunities and their general practices. They also acknowledge their role as education and research stakeholders in answering and tackling Europe’s main challenges of the next years, among them migrations, addressing increasing human rights challenges and creating division in the EU.

The SEA-EU Observatory for Migration and Human Rights

The reception of migrants is a European reality on which SEA-EU has the ambition to develop a determined action. The maritime and port nature of all the partner institutions of SEA-EU, integrated into trade networks, has placed them at the heart of the migration issue since time immemorial. SEA-EU therefore believes that it has a real legitimacy to address this issue among its priorities. Therefore, in line with the project proposal, the SEA-EU Observatory for Migration and Human Rights has been launched, gathering a multidisciplinary team of experts on migration. 

Observatory members address 3 main themes, according to their area of expertise: 

-International EU policy impacting migration

-Migrants and human rights – Changes in the protection of migrants’ rights in 21st century European Union

-EU governance crisis in migration matters

On 25 May, the presentations and discussions will outline emerging  or on-going research in line with the above themes.

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