The University of Algarve (Portugal) and the University of Gdańsk (Poland) organized the SEA-EU Congress – Strong Partnership to Face Global Challenges and achieve Sustainable Development Goals.  

The event happened in the University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal, on January 12-13, 2024.

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LocationGrande Auditorium-Caixa Geral de Depósitos (Building 4), Campus de Gambelas, Faro

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Who participated

The SEA-EU Congress gathered the rectors, vice-rectors, experts and other delegates from 9 SEA-EU Universities, along with Stakeholders from both public and private institutions, as well as External Partners hailing from Europe and various parts of the world.



The most important aim of the event was to transform the European Partnership into a Global Partnership, emphasising its benefits for the whole planet and envisioning a future centred on a sustainable blue environment. To achieve this intention, a Global Gateway Declaration was signed during the SEA-EU Congress. Specifically, it was intended to involve SEA-EU external academic partners with the 9 SEA-EU Universities to address the global sustainability challenges such as migration, gender balance and open science, while focusing on climate neutrality, clean energy transition, sustainable industry and agriculture, and sustainable mobility. The external partners were strongly encouraged to prioritise the protection of biodiversity, especially the marine aspects, the potential of the marine economy for sustainable food production and the well-being of citizens in coastal areas.



At this event, the accomplishments of SEA-EU 1.0 were detailed and plans for SEA-EU-2.0 was unveiled. There was also be deliberations on the outcomes of the Future Leadership Forum, with a particular focus on Generation Z. Finally, the Global Gateway Declaration was signed by the representatives of the SEA-EU Alliance universities, and their strategic partners and stakeholders from around the world.


Global Gateway Declaration document signatories

One of the most significant outcomes of the SEA-EU Congress was the signing of the SEA-EU Global Gateway Declaration document42 legal representatives of the SEA-EU Alliance universities, external universitites, and associated partners were the signatories to this important agreement. With this declaration, the SEA-EU Alliance reaffirms its unwavering commitment to create a gateway for sustainable international cooperation based on mutual trust, knowledge sharing, and empathy among peoples. 

Click here to see the list of institutions/ universities from different countries of 4 continents who have signed the document.