SEA-EU Governing Week Kicks Off with Productive First Day

The SEA-EU Governing Week began this Monday May 28th at NORD University in Bodø, bringing together experts and stakeholders for a series of important meetings and workshops. The initial day featured a blended session of the Technical Working Group (TWG) and the Mobility Expert Group (MEG), fostering collaboration and synergy between these crucial teams.

A significant highlight of the day was a one-hour session dedicated to answering questions posed to our project officer, who connected online. This interactive segment provided valuable insights and clarifications, ensuring that all participants are well-informed and aligned with the project’s objectives.

Additionally, the day included a one-hour workshop focused on enhancing internal communication within the SEA-EU network. This workshop aimed to streamline communication processes, promote transparency, and improve overall efficiency in our collaborative efforts.

The event is being hosted by NORD University, with Rector Hanne Solheim warmly welcoming participants with drinks and food the previous night and extending her wishes for a productive session today.

As the week progresses, SEA-EU looks forward to more engaging sessions, meaningful discussions, and significant strides towards our shared goals.

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