SEA-EU at International Day in Kiel

On 7 May SEA-EU at Kiel University took part in the university’s International Day programme, showcasing SEA-EU opportunities and formats to staff and students.

“Kiel University sees itself as an international campus where intercultural diversity is really lived,” said Ralph Schneider, Vice President for International Affairs and Early Career Researchers at Kiel University in his opening speech at this year’s International Day. Prof. Schneider stressed the benefits of international exchange and the importance of unity and embracing other cultures and opinions. “The CAU opens the eyes of its students, the teaching staff and all employees to other cultures, other methods of working, different aspects of academic work and thereby promoting intercultural understanding and improving innovation potential” he said. “That we can only do together.”

From 10 am until late on Tuesday 7 May, visitors to the International Day on the campus of Kiel University could choose from a varied program highlighting international and multicultural facets of the university, including information sessions on funding and exchange possibilities, flash language courses and the chance to chat over a glass of chai.

SEA-EU also took part in with several events. In the exhibition space, SEA-EU team members were on hand to answer questions and spread the word about the growing range of SEA-EU offers available for staff and students. Elsewhere, in several topic specific sessions presenters gave details and examples of SEA-EU formats and opportunities, participants of SEA-EU activities talked about their experiences and insights, and representatives of the SEA-EU partners introduced their universities via live video link.

The International Day at Kiel University contributed to the “Week of European Universities” organised by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), which ran from 5-12 May in celebration of Europe Day and under the patronage of the German Federal Minister of Education, Bettina Stark-Watzinger.

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