Sharing European values through SEA-EU sports humanitarian event

On the 9th and 10th of May, the University of Split hosted a two-day SEA-EU sports humanitarian event.

It gathered more than 100 participants, mostly students, from all SEA-EU partner universities who enjoyed an incredible atmosphere through sports activities and a touch of science too.


The event was opened at the School of Medicine which in parallel hosted an interdisciplinary students sports science congress (ST-CongreSS) where SEA-EU students had the opportunity to present their teams and a game traditionally played in their home countries. The congress allowed the students to showcase their presentation skills while raising the awareness of the importance of deploying healthy lifestyle habits. Untypical active breaks during the congress warmed everyone up for what was coming next.

In the beautiful surroundings of Split famous beach Bačvice and the Marjan hill, students, accompanied by mentors/teachers and organized in gender-mixed teams participated in different traditional and competitive games like picigin, ten passes game, running in sacks, dodgeball and a tug of war. The teams also showed their knowledge of sports in a sports quiz. In the end, the 3 best teams won the medals. The first place went to the host university, the second to the University of Cádiz, and the bronze medal was awarded to NORD University.

However, even at times fierce, competitiveness seemed to be a secondary thing for the participants. Fun and new friendships were in everyone’s focus. On top of the whole event, the University of Split, in collaboration with the local community, acknowledged to donate a special wheelchair to a female athlete with advanced multiple sclerosis, highlighting the importance of treasuring our health and solidarity.


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