SACMA 2024 Celebrates Breakthroughs in Marine Science with SEA-EU Awards

The IX Simposio Científico de Alumnos de la Facultad de Ciencias del Mar y Ambientales (SACMA 2024) has proudly announced this year’s SEA-EU session winners, featuring innovative contributions from the field of marine sciences. Universidad de Cádiz (UCA) has emerged prominently with its students winning both the Best Poster and the newly introduced Best Online Dissemination categories.

Bethany Louis Short secured the Best Poster award with her exceptional work detailed in the poster titled “Larval Ecology of Crustacean Invasive Species in the Gulf of Cádiz.” Her research offers critical insights into the larval stages of crustaceans in the context of global changes, highlighting the environmental challenges and adaptive strategies of marine life in the Gulf of Cádiz area. The poster can be viewed in detail through the SACMA website here.

Adding a contemporary twist to this year’s symposium, Ángela Rodríguez Ruiz won the Best Online Dissemination award for her engaging social media reel. Ángela’s video, shared on platforms like Instagram under the handle @fac.cienciasmarambientalesuca and @seaeu_uca, creatively summarized her doctoral thesis on the larval ecology of crustacean invasive species. The reel captures the essence of her research, making complex scientific concepts accessible and engaging to a wider audience. Special thanks were given to her collaborators, including her actors and camera-man, as well as support from INMAR (UCA) and ICMAN (CSIC).

This year’s SACMA has set a precedent with its inclusion of digital media in recognizing the efforts of scientists to communicate their research beyond the academic community. Both winners have demonstrated outstanding ability not only in their scientific pursuits but also in their capability to disseminate their findings to the public, enhancing understanding and appreciation of marine and environmental sciences.

The winners’ achievements are especially significant as they illustrate the strength of collaboration within the SEA-EU alliance and the increasing importance of interdisciplinary approaches and modern communication in science education and public outreach.

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