University of Algarve Takes a Green Step Forward in Support of Task 4.4 of SEA-EU

Following the WP4 – Task 4.4 (SEA-EU goes Greener) of SEA-EU, on April 30th, 2024, the University of Algarve held an internal competition titled: Greening our campus: building sustainable projects for a better future.

The objective of this event was to generate practical project ideas aimed at enhancing sustainability and promoting a greener environment on our university campus through collaborative brainstorming and networking.

After a brief presentation of SEA-EU and WP4.4 by Pro-Rector of SEA-EU, Professor Patricia Pinto, the coordinator of the event, professor Margarida Ribau Teixeira, explained the competition’s structure and the process of how the event progressed.

36 participants, including students, professors, researchers, and staff, came together to share their ideas and compete across 7 groups, organized based on shared interests or project preferences. The ideas covered subjects like recycling, producing eco-friendly products, re-using, etc.

Each group brainstormed and developed one or more project ideas focused on enhancing sustainability on campus, carefully aligning them with the contest criteria.

Following this collaborative ideation phase, each group prepared a presentation (5 minutes) outlining their project ideas. These presentations were followed by brief Q&A sessions, providing valuable feedback and clarification opportunities.

The event ended with the announcement of three winner projects:

1. “Ecocultivator” (proposing team: Ana Gomes Silva, Fatemeh Bagheri, Hamed Abdollahpour, Naghmeh Pastaki, Paolo Tufoni)

2. “Green Space” (proposing team: Duarte Silva, Leónia Fernandes, Magda Wikesjo, Miguel Cabrera)

3. “Energy Saving” (proposing team: António Ramos, Sandra Álvares, Jacinta Fernandes; Ana Carvalho Silva)

The 4th project has received an honorable mention and will be implemented since it will not require any funding: “Swap Fair” (proposing team: Clarice Campos, Ludovico Silva, Luís Nunes, Rute Cristina).

Additionally, the coordinators shared key insights from the competition, highlighting the creativity and dedication demonstrated by all participants.

This initiative not only promotes sustainability but also showcases the collaborative spirit and innovative thinking within the SEA-EU community. Such events play a crucial role in driving positive change and fostering a culture of sustainability across academic institution.

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